Monday, 8 August 2011

Inter Communal Violence!

One step has just been reported that the Turkish community are fighting back to protect their businesses. You see when you strip away the defence mechanism ie the Metropolitan Police and discover that their diversity courses do not protect the people from bricks and bottles then the people only have one course of action...they must protect themselves!

The police have proven that they cannot cope. I have every sympathy for the lads and lasses on the streets. I have been there and I know what it is like to face a rioting mob. The problem is that the senior officers who have been handed their jobs on a plate coutesy of Common Purpose are unable to respond. It was the same when Jean Charles de Menezes was killed. It is a failure of leadership.

Buildings are burning because the police cannot guarantee the safety of the firemen! Come on guys get with the diversity courses because they will prepare you for the front line. Show the rioters your Common Purpose Matrix certificates...that will scare them. Come on girls get on the front line and face the music because years ago you wouldn't have been allowed near the front line. Girl power Yeh!

Today is the day for hard men. We don't seem to have enough of them. Where is the Territorial Support Group (TSG) the bullies who killed Iain Tomlinson. This is not a day for social is a day for proper policemen... and I feel very sorry for the few that are proper policemen.

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