Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Derby County

OK I suppose that I owe Nigel Clough an apology! After an abysmal pre season (except the last game against the Villa) and the form of last year I, probably like many other Rams fans, have been shocked by the form of our beloved team which sees them facing almost an all-time record. Currently we have surpassed the team of 1905 and one match against Burnley will surely take them back to the nineteenth century!!

In the entire history of Derby County did anyone expect this? Four consecutive victories against good opposition, two of them premier teams last year, and not a hint of a wobble. What is the reason? What has caused this total reversal of the abysmal form which plagued the team last season. Why have we suddenly become a solid unit?

May I suggest a reason? Nigel , because of injuries, had to promote two lads from the academy and they are desperate to secure their futures. Top of the list is Mark O'Brien a 19 year old Irish lad who actually debued at the age of 16 but then broke his leg and had to recover. This boy is a star of the future and now threatens to hold his place even when Sean Barker is available. Then we have Jeff Hendrick who holds the midfield. He played thtroughout the summer with the Irish under 21 team which reached the European semi finals and has stepped up to the plate.

I would wager that Nigel  never thought that these two would knit the team together like they have done. This is a good team but in the background we have many others...Sean Barker, Paul Green and Stephen Pearson who are all respected professionals. I recently backed the Rams at 50-1 to win the Championship...yeah I know!!!


SAB said...

It'll never last!!! (snigger snigger...) ... just kidding. Although i'm a Forest fan, its good to see them performing better than last season. I enjoy the local rivalry. Looks like Forest are starting to gel (they started how I expected Derby to start!).

bryboy said...

SAB...tks for your interest but not your sentiments!We all enjoy the local rivalry and for once we are competing. The past few years have been miserable for Rams fans but I cannot help but think that Nigel got lucky. I don't think that anyone swould have believed the form of these 2 Irish lads.