Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yet another massive failure at huge cost to us the taxpayer!

Once again the Public Services bosses have presided over a shambolic Whitehall procurement mechanism when they announce today that the computerisation of the NHS individual health records cannot be achieved. It is further evidence that the mandarins appointed by Common Purpose to run our public services are just not up to the job.

The politicisation of the Civil Service and the huge interference of the costly quangos continues unabated. Remember the boast of Eric Pickles and Danid Cameron before the last election that there would be a 'bonfire of quangos' and the salaries of town hall fat cats would be capped. Well today in the Mail they had a progress report which stated that the much vaunted headline 'bonfire of quangos' had turned into a 'damp squib'. I cannot think of a single policy voiced before the election by David Cameron or his team which has been implemented.

It is happening everywhere and in every case we, the public, pay for the never ending cock-ups. Look at the headlines achieved by the Inland Revenue, the shambolic immigration industry, the NHS or the Care Industry where I hear that Sharon Shoesmith, who presided over the team which allowed 'Baby P' to be tortured and killed, is now in line for a £1 million pound compensation package. This because that atrocious Ed Balls once again failed to follow proper procedure when he sacked her.

I honestly think that the 'Common Purpose' influence has been allowed to gain too strong a foothold. Thousands have gone through their 'matrix' training and many more schoolchildren have attended the 'Your Turn' programme and have by now filled the lucrative quango positions. Until the stranglehold is broken we will never return to the land most of us remember.

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