Thursday, 25 August 2011


I see that the annual education results farce is about to hit the streets and we have already been alerted that surprise, surprise, the results will once again prove that the standards are even better than ever! This for the 23rd successive year and yet Tesco's are turning away school leavers because they don't possess the necessary basic skills for employment.

I blogged last year that soon all the kids would get 'A' grades and then it would depend on how many stars they received behind the grade to distinguish the level of performance. It would appear that this message has finally penetrated the devious minds of the exam 'adjusters' because I read that this will be the last year that exam results will improve! What? Are they confessing that they have been fiddling the stats for almost 30 years?

What angers me is that all the kids are being duped. The run of the mill are gaining grades that they don't deserve and the clever are being demeaned because their efforts are not being rewarded. How can the educationalists sanction this duplicity?

No wonder the English education system is regarded as a joke. No wonder parents are desperate to get their children into decent schools. No wonder that parents are prepared to get into debt to ensure that their kids are educated. The educationalists who have perpetrated this fraud on the children of this nation should be named and shamed.

The thought that people have been hiding in rooms with a sliding scale of results moving the cursor further up the scale just to defraud our children is appalling! No wonder we are sliding further down the international league tables. Whoever is in charge of this nonsense should be facing a judge. And one final you remember the Hoo-Ha when Michael Gove became Education Minister and what he was going to do? As usual all these politicians ever do is maintain a system which is rotten from top to bottom!


SAB said...

Well said! I don't consider myself to be thick, nor do i consider myself to be super intelligent. More middle of the road. But I struggled to achieve average results back in the 80's. I know I could have done better when I look back, but it was by no means a walk in the park. From around about the mid 90's i've been feeling less and less intelligent every time the exam results come out!!! We've either been making super smart kids for the last 20 years or the results have been somewhat 'tailored' to suit certain agendas. Something has changed that's for sure.

SAB said...

Oh, and looking forward to your thoughts on today's immigration numbers news story! ?

bryboy said...

I have to be careful about my comments on immigration these days because I have someone very dear to me who is Muslim and I have only recently found her again. You see I am not a racist and I have never have been but I am a nationalist. I want this country to be a beacon for anyone who can contribute. Unfortunately we have become a beacon for the world's trash and our prisons are stuffed with them.

SAB said...

That was VERY well put :-)