Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Will anything change...don't bet on it!

Today David Cameron faced the press outside 10 Downing Street and gave one of his 'tough' speeches. It was the usual speech about not tolerating the looters, the courts had sat overnight, they will all get jail fact a speech that would appeal to the electorate who want to hear words like that.

David Cameron is very good at letting the electorate hear the words that they want to hear. Remember his 'bonfire of quangos', his 'British Bill of Rights' or the capping of the salaries of town hall fatcats. The problem is that they are just words and nothing ever changes. He mentions water cannon but then adds 'at 24 hours notice'. What good is that?  Does he expect these riots to last 24 hours?

He then mentioned prison sentences but has he told the judges or the prison service? Ken Clarke keeps letting people out early because we don't have enough prison places for them. So how have we found more and why now? Has he overnight changed the sentencing criteria to accommodate the rioters?

The problem between the Met Police and the black community has long been publicized. On one side we have the gangs that are probably responsible for much of the armed crime, drug running and crass behaviour in London and on the other a police force that I wouldn't trust to walk my dog. There are bound to be tensions!

If we want to solve this problem we must meet it head on. Bring the parents into the court and demand to know why these kids were out of control. Then punish the parents. Make them responsible for the discipline of their children. If the children are prepared to see their parents go to prison because of their actions then we know where the fault lies.

Then we must sort out education in these London boroughs. Get some inspectors to drop in and witness what goes on in the classrooms. Root out the bad teachers and reward the good ones. Not so long ago I posted about Miss Birbalsingh who spoke up at the Conservative party conference and was sacked for her troubles. These ghetto kids need good role models. I read today that there are about 1000 vacant apprenticeships in the London area which nobody wants.

We must begin to include these people in this new society. It is not my society. I never asked for it but the politicians created it and now they must deal with it. If you ignore so many people they will one day react. Don't leave it to the black community leaders get people in who have influence. To start with there are a lot of natural linguists in these communities. Use them! Some of these kids can speak three or four languages and are unemployed.

Children must learn that being clever is nothing to be ashamed of. We must change the ethos of our education system and until we do we will continue to have the scenes we have recently witnessed in London.


SAB said...

I heard it was a black primary school teacher who was the first to be in court for looting! These kids have got no chance at the moment. They're all growing up into the same broken society. Their parents were 'broken', and now their kids are programmed to think the same way, with complete and utter disregard for others and their property and then they'll have kids so that they can claim more benefit, and so on. Until things change it'll get worse. But how do the honest law obiding hard working tax paying British public force change without having a voice? At least these riots are making people think about what's wrong with this country, which the politicians must hate :-) Anyway, i'm now depressed. Think i'll go look at Forest's winning goal last night to cheer myself up... There's only one Wes Morgan!

Julian Moss said...

Cameron said one thing right. Sections of our society are sick. And he should start by looking in the mirror.

The political class in this country is sick. Sick for thinking that it can cut services and prospects for the poorest in order to save the richest from the consequences of their greed. Sick to expect British workers to accept that billions of their hard earned taxes should be spent bailing out bankrupt countries to save the EU project instead of on things that benefit them. And sick to think that they can be exposed in the press fiddling their expenses and still have a moral authority to tell people how to behave.

Looting and rioting are not justified by what has happened. But you reap what you sow. Britain needs a complete change of government, to one that governs in the interest of British people not its political cronies.

bryboy said...

Wot a Red on my blog? Good Heavens wot next? SAB tks for your contribution... one of my best mates was a seasonal ticket holder at the City until he moved north. I so agree with your sentiments. At long last people are beginning to debate politics. This riot season has engaged the public. They are waking up to how they have been conned and the blogosphere has helped. The truth is on line and not with the mainstream media. The people are waking up! They are responding and they no know that the police are useless when push comes to shove!

bryboy said...

Go Julian Go because you and I know that every word you print is the real truth. Our Political Class are ultimately responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. They and they alone encouraged the breakdown of family life and they also encouraged young single girls to turn themselves into baby factories! This alone caused the breakdown of respectability. It has been engineered for years. The problem is that if a fledgling political party emerges it is immediately destroyed by the mainstream media.I have a really nice group of people on a Facebook page coming together. I don't yet know how committed they would become if I suggested something controversial. Are u on Facebook Julian...if you are then search for North Leicestershire ITEC! Read what they have to say and look at the diversity. These are my the nicest possible way. We are a family and I genuinely respect them all because I interviewed them I helped to train them and I placed them in companies that would help them. They are my legacy.