Thursday, 11 August 2011

What a nation!

This is a video that I have been made aware of. Surely it reflects the attitude of the selfish and frankly stupid Brits! I take my hat off to the guy who made it. I do hope the police followed it up but do you know what... I really doubt it.

How can people block up the emergency lane on the motorway and not feel guilty? Our society is indeed a hugely uneducated and selfish society. We seem to have forgotten basic decency. These people would probably be the first to condemn the looting and the riots but are they not just as guilty?

We have to punish irresponsible behaviour and we should begin with the number plates caught on camera. If I was injured on a motorway and could not be assisted because of selfish individuals then I would insist on punishment...oh and by the way so would they!

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