Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Not a bloody clue!

Teresa May with cleavage at the Commons
Teresa May
apparently Home Secretary

The lack of leadership currently emanating from our Political Class is staggering! They appear to be completely unprepared for the widespread violence committed by the young in London last night. This is out and out criminality and will continue until one of these idiots realises that we have just entered a war zone!

I heard Teresa May, apparently the Home Secretary in charge of this mess, this morning and even my wife who normally ignores anything political wanted to 'punch' her!! Her sole response was to ask friends and family to 'shop' those involved. How utterly naive! No mention of how the police were going to stop further episodes. No promise of water cannon or rubber bullets! Nothing to threaten the little dears who are burning people out of their homes.

This is going to spread! Once the young louts in provincial towns realise that they now have cart blanche to take anything they want and that we the honest citizen is actually unprotected then anarchy inevitably will follow.

Oh and by the way...what price the Olympics now? How can we invite the world to Lord Coe's party when the streets are aflame? Until we turn the tables on these young thugs and we 'hurt' them in retaliation then the situation will escalate. We have seen the results of decades of  soft policeing and now we must regain the streets. The only way is to meet violence with violence. It is a lesson that people like Teresa May do not seem able to recognise so it will get worse before it gets better.


Anonymous said...

Problem with giving the police water-cannons and rubber bullets is that like everything else they are given they will abuse it. One day you may get a rubber bullet hitting you because you deared to protest about your council tax.

SAB said...

I couldn't agree more. We listened to her this morning too and couldn't believe what she was saying, it was such a WEAK RESPONSE to what happened last night. I guess if a strict temporary curfew was in place then baton rounds etc. could be used, but who am i to say!

SAB said...

Have a look at these comments. Quite interesting..


bryboy said...

SAB tks for your interest and tks for the steer to playpolitical. We are clearly all singing from the same hymnsheet. We ought to deport the parents if they are immigrants and they can take their bloody offspring with them. If they do not contain it tonight then Cameron is going to look ineffectual. I see Boris Johnson discovered what the people think when he stepped outside the bubble today.