Thursday, 4 August 2011

Corruption - the Great Westmonster Robbery!

The Houses of Parliament

The mainstream media is full of it. Everywhere we look it is staring us in the face. Corruption has become endemic in our society. As always it begins at the very top where three main political party who have a stranglehold on our political process thrive by debating a very narrow range of issues and ignore the questions which concern the public.

The compliance officer for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, set up to police MPs expenses, Luke March, resigned yesterday over 'transparency guidelines'. It is a little over a year since Nigel Gooding, Head of IPSA resigned for 'the state of his health and sanity'.  In the meantime former MP Jim Devine is released from prison after only 4 months of a sixteen month sentence. Why was he given sixteen months in the first place if we are letting him out so early? Ridiculous!

Clearly there are MPs, who even after all the publicity, are still overclaiming their expenses and interfering with the work of IPSA. If we cannot clean this up and introduce acceptable guidelines (acceptable to the public that is) then what price democracy? The problem is that at one time MPs were well paid but now that corruption appears to be our national occupation the MPs, in comparison with the Town Hall fat cats, the Quango queens and the Bankers, are paid peanuts.

They still have the power to change it but most of them are walking a corridor of fear. Fear of rocking the boat and upsetting their sponsors. Until we elect conviction politicians again we remain at the mercy of EU and banking pawns.

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