Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wait for it...!

It is interesting that the young people from Enfield have decided to protect their own area. Similarly the Sikhs are on the streets protecting their temple. We have consistently been advised that the vigilante response is not necessary but obviously the public don't believe the politicians.

I have never seen such a threat to the Political Class. They have had a clear run for almost twenty years and during that clear run they have ruined the country. They have all failed to improve the education system. They have encouraged a degeneration of moral values. They have presided over mass immigration and a total breakdown of law and order. They have actually encouraged the destruction of the British legal system. We have had to witness the politicisation of the police, the soft sentencing policies, the lack of prison places and the loony sentencing by the judges. On top of that they are releasing hardened criminals with less than than half of their sentence served.

Now all their disgraceful policies, courtesy of the EU, are coming home to roost. They stopped us disciplining our kids. They stopped us smacking them. Every time we tried to discipline the kids we were told that it was illegal. We have seen parents losing their kids just for being normal parents.  We have secret courts that take kids from their parents. Teachers have been left without any form of discipline. If they dare to chastise anyone they were hauled before a board of governors. Every governor carefully selected and vetted.

Now we have created a class of kids who, unless they have good parents, believe that they can do as they like! This is what is happening... they have no fear, no respect, no education because they are actually feral. Their parents are feral, their friends are feral so they completely do not understand what civilisation is about. Feral kids are ruling the roost and it is absolutely and utterly down to the elite socialists who have brought this country to its knees.

I have blogged about the injustice in this country ever since I began this blog. Now the Greater Manchester police spokesman says he is 'sickened' by the violence (on SKY now) but he and his ilk created it!! They are responsible for the feral kids hell bent on destroying anything. They created them, they supported them and their diversity classes ensured that they could not be touched! Don't moan now you bastard! Get your girls and your social worker coppers out on the streets to face the the consequences of the policies of the Political Class.

You have been paid the money now earn it!

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