Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Olympic Games

Today's Mail on Sunday is carrying a report that our Olympocrats have plans to create their own transport lane to take them to and from the various events without hindrance from the rest of us. These special VIP lanes won't have red lights or zebra crossings and nothing will be allowed to impair their progress (something like the ZIL lanes they used to have in Soviet Moscow).

Now considering the number of disconnected young thugs who turned out in the riots this action could be like a red rag to a bull. Even for law abiding Londoners who are having to pay for this extravaganza the sight of Lord Coe's army thumbing their noses as they whizz past in their chauffeur driven BMWs could cause deep resentment.

I have a funny feeling that these Olympics could be a disaster for Britain. They have already been hijacked by the Political Class and the Bonus Class so that their profits can be maximised and the public are already feeling distanced.  I can just imagine stolen wheely bins filling the ZIL lanes in London. I fear that the social problems which have been piling up particularly in the London Boroughs could boil over and expose our troubled society to the world.  

I strongly suggest that if these so called VIPs want to avoid the public they use helicopters. I really don't think that Londoners would tolerate Soviet style hospitality no matter how much they wish to flaunt their wealth and connections. They may be trying to impose East Germany on us but too many are yet to accept this lifestyle!

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