Saturday, 20 August 2011's somehow different up here!

I have only been in Edinburgh for a few hours but somehow I detect that the atmosphere is different. There is some frustration but nothing like the seething resentment one sees everywhere in England. The people I have spoken to were shocked by the recent events south of the border but most seem to hold the opinion that it would not happen here.

The reason probably is that the Scottish justice system appears to be still in place and Scottish education is still getting results. There is a sub culture up here but probably nothing like the same numbers as we have south of the border. Even the feral elements are aware that the police would still go in hard if they decided to riot in numbers.

I wonder if Alex Salmond has something to do with it? A view I have heard is that he does what he says he will do. You may not always agree with him but he represents the people. The Scots kids don't have to pay university fees and prescriptions are still free so contrast just those two anomalies with life in England. Of course he can do this because of 'The Barnett Formula' which ensures that Scotland has a certain amount of subsidisation from the English taxpayer.

Salmond is a canny politician so if he can create a feeling of superiority for the electorate then he will also get the so important 'feel good' factor. He is doing something for the people where in England I never get the feeling that any politician cares a stuff for the electorate. However, just in case I am accused  of bias, let me tell you that the Edinburgh city roads are the worst I have seen anywhere!

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