Friday, 5 August 2011

Is everyone actually stupid...or corrupt?

Now we have seen what is happening in the financial markets and yet the mainstream media are trying to put a positive spin on the devastation. So what has wrecked almost every country's economy and why won't our politicians tell us the truth? I can only speculate because I know nothing about international finance so let us offer an explanation.

Once Adolf Hitler failed to conquer the UK and the Second World War went against the bankers and the industrialists thanks to the courage of the rank and file soldiers on places like Omaha Beach (google it) then the international bankers had to think again. They came up with the Soviet Union which floundered in Afghanistan and of course like always the socialists ran out of money.

So they thought of a scenario which would bring down the western economy. They moved Moscow to Brussels. They did it through the Bilderberger group (google it) and annually this secretive movement of bankers and industrialists and media moguls set the agenda for the next year. They sponsored the European Union. None of us ever elected an EU commisioner.  They were appointed like Cathy Ashton who has never had a vote cast for her EVER and yet somehow, thanks to Gordon 'bloody' Brown, holds a very senior position in the EU.

So now they have a vehicle for utter corruption. They can, if they convince people, that they want a Common Market, dominate Europe and that is what happened. Now they are in a position to create a common currency despite the discrepancy in the economic aspirations of the countries involved. Now the Euro has been created then the economies of so many countries are at risk. Remember the words of the patriarch of the Rothschild Empire... 'if I control the economy of a country I care not for their laws' (sic)! The EU has never been audited.

So then socialist governments in almost every country across Europe overspend. They all spend recklessly to remain in power. 'Look at us aren't we wonderful' should be their mantra! The International Monetary Fund encourages this recklessness, they keep lending the money so that stupid politicians will grab it to remain in power. Corruption has become endemic!

So now where are we? The governments of Portugal, Italy. Greece and Spain are probably in need of huge bailouts to maintain their current spending commitments. They are in hoc to the IMF (Rothschild) who actually own country after country. They obviously own the UK and have manipulated the mass immigration into our country. That is why people like David Cameron, Peter Mandelson and George Osborne keep visting the Rothschild yacht for their orders.

I despair!


Anonymous said...

Don't despair it's all coming to an end and sooner than you may think.
Just be ready, dried food, tinned food and plenty of water. Our time has come.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hester, CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland, you know, the type of financial expert that helped get us into the "global" financial mees in which we find our selves, is telling the "EUROZONE" to "get a grip", all in today's Daily Express. Talk about poachers turning game keepers.