Saturday, 30 July 2011

Foreign Aid

Just when you think that it cannot get any worse, just when you believe that you have seen and heard it all a story appears to cap every other corrupt activity related to this government.

It is bad enough that so much money is being directed at African despots without any monitoring programme but to pay an individual so much money for dereliction of duty is inexcusable. It is not surprising that the individual concerned had close links to Tony Blair. Every time I open a newspaper something rotten emerges which had its roots to 'Teflon' Tony.

David Cameron can no longer complain that the taxpayer has to understand why we are currently in a period of austerity. It is becoming clearer by the day that the austerity only concerns the general public. Gordon Brown took the country to the brink of bankruptcy and despite their protestations of innocence the Coalition are finishing the job. Two expensive wars, a European Union which pours money into a black hole and an Aid budget which allows African leaders to buy up Paris is sufficient evidence that there is something deeply threatening about the intentions of our mainstream politicians.

Add in our huge welfare bill which has its links to mass immigration, the continued reluctance of the government to award contracts to home based companies (Bombardier for example) and the lack of will to police the benefits system and you may begin to get the picture. Throw in the enormous salaries of the Town Hall fat cats and the quangos who are appointed by Common Purpose and sometimes it appears that the world has gone mad. But never mind we pay in so much in tax that it will take an enormous effort to completely ruin the country. They will manage it in the end but we may cling on for a few years yet.

They are lucky though because the English won't monitor their behaviour. 'We' still believe that the Tories are the 'toffs' that Labour represents the working class and that the Liberals are nice guys in sandals. 'We' still don't discuss religion or politics in the pub.  'We' even believe that the Queen is still head of state even though there are some who explain it otherwise!

I have always thought that what happens in the USA is a precursor to what will happen in the UK. From what I read they are about to go bust!! What will happen when the day comes that we are so in debt that the pensions that we have all earned cannot be paid! You will all listen then I'll bet.

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