Friday, 8 July 2011

What do they know?

Rebekah Brooks tells the NOTW staff that within a year they will know why they have lost their jobs and why the paper has been closed down. Andy Coulson tells reporters that he would like to speak but can't! Rupert Murdoch is flying in to the UK to take charge of operations. What is going on!?

Let me speculate! If this phone hacking operation has been ongoing for years as has been assumed then just how much material has been gathered and who has been targetted?  One must only assume that the government and more importantly royalty has been under observation. I believe that the Murdoch empire (the NOTW) has information which could if published bring down almost anyone.

For example could they destroy the European Union (unlikely because they profit from it)?  Could they destroy British democracy (already done!)?  So is the target the Royal Family? Do they know what happened to Princess Diana? Are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge under observation?

They know something which is so huge that it will transform our thinking and our lives. This is really our Watergate moment and one day it will emerge and it should. I suspect that the lives (balls) of so many of our leading figures are firmly in the hands of Rupert Murdoch and they know it! The Cameron/Coulson/Brooks relationship is far too close for the PM's comfort. Even Red Ed can sniff that one but will he dare to investigate further? He may discover that they have evidence that he shafted his brother!

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