Monday, 18 July 2011

Will this reach the PM?

I never thought that I would be posting this but I am beginning to believe that the current police/media scandal could bring down the PM.

There is little doubt that like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown before him he does have strong links to the Murdoch Empire and Rebekah Brooks in particular. His appointment of Andy Coulson (apparently at the behest of Mrs Brooks) was an awful mistake which will now come back to haunt him.

Also niggling at the back of my mind is his visit to the yacht of Nat Rothschild. I know that he may have been acquainted with Nat Rothschild in his early university years but as PM or even a leader of a political party, that is a link which should remain distant.

There is an old saying that 'there is no honour amongst thieves'. If the Murdochs father and son are about to lose their stranglehold on 'The Political Class' I would bet that they could dosh an awful lot of dirt. If they decided on oath to tell the truth I think that there will be a lot of backsides squeaking.

If Rebekah Brooks is facing criminal charges she could probably bring a lot of people down with her. She told her colleagues at the New of the World that in a year they would realise why the paper had to close! A Year!? Is this the year that the whole pack of cards comes tumbling down? Is this the year that all the sleaze which has surrounded the Political Class ever since the inception of the European Union bubbles to the surface?

Ah well tomorrow is another day but if we can lose Sir Paul Stephenson and Yates of the Yard in two days what price a Prime Minister?

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