Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Care for the Elderly

The debate about the care for the elderly in this country continues. There is little doubt that many of our elderly live in appalling circumstances considering the so called democracy which is supposed to support them. These are the people who have worked and paid taxes for most of their life. In the main they have reared families and 'done their bit' for their country never realising that when their turn to receive support arrived they would be abandoned in favour of 'poppy growers' in Afghanistan and black kids from the 'Horn' of Africa.

Once again our despicable politicians were all over the BBC this morning promising support for almost every useless cause in the world except of course our own elderly. David Cameron is on a high profile tour of Afghanistan promising foreign aid to that benighted country even long after the troops have left. Will he never learn? Afghanistan will always be Afghanistan and no amount of bribery will change it.

He was followed by Baroness Amos promising further aid to the kids from the Horn of Africa. Another utterly useless cause which happens in cycles largely down to their inclement climate and ignorance of the people. Our money will not change that! Contraception might change it, more modern agricultural methods might change it but that is down to them and their governments.

Here at home our elderly are our concern and one thing is for sure...we will all get there. If we don't stop wasting money on useless causes elsewhere and start investing in a welfare system which supports the vulnerable at home then we will all regret it. Foreign Aid and our contribution to the toxic European Union is a modern scandal when more money is desperately needed at home. I just don't know why the electorate keep voting for more of the same. You can shut your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears but it won't go away!

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Anonymous said...

"This country", You could at least attempt to get the story right, Care for the Elderly in this country meaning ENGLAND.