Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I don't believe it!!!

Assistant Commissioner John Yates warned that elected officials would be tempted to siphon off resources from the fight against terrorism

I have just watched Yates of the Yard embarrass himself live on SKY news. He was exposed as at best a lazy policeman and at worst incompetent. In 2006 he took one day to decide that the Guardian did not have any new evidence in the phone hacking scandal which justified further investigation.

This despite the fact that somewhere in the police vaults lay bags which contained 11,000 pieces of evidence taken from the phone hacker's house. He had a staff of 4000 people and yet still did not think that someone should trawl through the evidence to see who had been hacked!

The impression left for me is that he has somehing to hide. There has to be a reason that those bags were left alone.  I do not believe he has risen to the ranks of Assistant Commissioner without a better track record than the one he displayed before the House of Commons Select Committee today. No wonder Chairman Keith Vaz (yes that Keith Vaz) warned him that he would likely be recalled.

There does appear to be a link between Yates and News International. Nobody can yet speculate how close the link was although the mainstream media are poking about in the mire. The current person being grilled is former Met Asst Commissioner Peter Clarke and he sounds just as incompetent as Yates. Nobody can explain why those 11,000 pieces of evidence were overlooked. It stinks!!

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