Thursday, 7 July 2011

The smell from the sewer is getting close to Downing Street!

Milly Dowler: Rebekah Brooks won't resign over News of the World phone hacking claims

Things are moving at such a pace in the hacking scandal that it is difficult to keep up! What is interesting is that suddenly people do not seem to be so scared of Rupert Murdoch. He has always been dubbed the 'maker' of the next PM largely through the editorial support of his newspaper 'The Sun'. It was alleged that Tony Blair would not make a decision until he ran it past Mr Murdoch.

Having said that the former editor of the News of the World and current News International Chief Executive, Rebekah Brooks, has presided over a sewer. The methods of NOTW reporters, the scope of their targets and the populist articles targetting minor celebrities often could not sink lower. They dealt in trash and they were well rewarded because it sells.

How does this involve David Cameron? Well the distinguished political journalist Peter Oborne (always worth a read) was on the Daily Politics today and revealed that the PM had Christmas dinner with Rebekah Brooks! Their families are apparently quite close. He also hired Andy Coulson as a Downing Street aid fully knowing that Coulson had allegedly been involved in the NOTW phone hacking scandal. He has since resigned from that post.

I cannot understand how an astute, hardened, politician like Cameron could not see the danger in these liaisons. It could just be however, that he required the backing of Murdoch and these two 'babes' would guarantee a good review. It also makes decisions on potentially the most damaging acts of betrayal of the British public difficult for him. He is backed into a corner. On either side of him are Murdoch and Brooks and in front of him Ed Miliband!

Speaking of Ed Miliband his performance on SKY news was priceless. He is such a naked opportunist and such a bad actor. I don't think he understands the meaning of 'sincerity' because he just reeks politics and could hardly contain his glee that this damaging act of treachery had occurred on Cameron's watch!

So what now? I suspect that the PM will have to bow to pressure and instruct a judge led enquiry (will he find an impartial judge?). The police will have to be investigated but the public are the final jury. Could the public and the corporate sponsors put the NOTW out of business? I always hope for fair play but I suspect in six months time David Cameron will still be PM, Rebekah Brooks will still be CEO News International, millions will still buy the NOTW and no police will have been charged.

We might have a couple of minor journalists serving jail sentences but that will probably be the lot. A lot of newsprint but no justice. I do hope that I am wrong.


NewsboyCap said...


"I cannot understand how an astute, hardened, politician like Cameron could not see the danger in these liaisons".
I'm sorry Bryboy but I have to disagree, as you said in an earlier post, he is just an ex public schoolboy with NO experience. He is but a puppet of the Banks/Media, particularly News Corporation.
The Government itself hacks the publics' phones,Emails,post and messages (Civil contingencies Act) much the same as Hitlers 1933 Enabling Act. Without any form of recourse or appeal for the public.
They know it goes on and turn a blind eye, until someone cries fowl.
Correct, where will you find an impartial 'Judge', and the Police investigating themselves....Please.

Anonymous said...

Scameron employed Coulson in order to access Coulson's "archives"'
Is this "hacking" business really confined to just a few journos and 1 newspaper?.
Is it right for police to get paid for stories brought to light in the execution of their investigations into criminal activity?.
Do "regional" rags employ similar tactics and do they buy stories from local policemen?
Only saying/asking.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys. I must confess an insight into this because way back in 1983 I was part of a sneaky beaky army organisation in Northern Ireland which was investigating the possibilities of phone tapping! OF COURSE it was impossible in those days! My posts are sometimes tongue in cheek. I agree that Cameron is a puppet of the 'powers that be. Most of our politicians report to Murdoch and that is the reason for my latest post. It is fascinating though because the Political Class have slipped up!
Anonymous, I believe that our police are scum but only at a certain level (I think)!