Saturday, 9 July 2011

Anonymous? How secure is the Internet?

This is the video currently doing the rounds and I find myself duty bound to air it on my blog. Whatever else it has been put together by someone who cares about democracy and it informs and entertains. You will not be surprised that I found it on Captain Ranty's blog. The good Captain continues to advocate Lawful Rebellion. I just wish I could find a shred of interest in many of my friends who frankly could not care less as long as their pensions keep rolling in.

The fact that their grandchildren will never be able to quaff ale and play bowls in the afternoon never seems to cross their minds. We have become such a complacent and apathetic generation that in years to come we will become the hated generation! These 'anonymous' hackers at least are causing problems for 'The Political' and 'Banking' classes. It also emphasises how fragile online banking is. I do wonder how secure trhe Internet actually is?

If the 'Anonymous' hackers can penetrate international government websites. If Gary McKinnon can penetrate American government websites then how secure is the Internet? It is a subject that the authorities/banks seem reluctant to discuss. You see if the Internet becomes insecure just think how many jobs are created for the literate and numerate. Suddenly education would become important again! Is it time for a rethink? Are we being conned?

I believe that there is sufficient doubt to instigate a government enquiry but then we have so many people surviving on salaries gained from government enquiries that why do we need another? I am just concerned that all our lives are dependent on electricity and the Internet. Our children depend entirely on the Internet. It has become the modern monster and is obviously the prime target for anyone wanting to disrupt the world.

Food for thought!

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