Saturday, 30 July 2011

Derby County

Can it get any worse? During the week we lost to Burton Albion in the Bass Charity shield. That can be explained by the fact that the team was partially made up of rising 'stars'. Even so no Derby County team should ever be turned over by Burton Albion. To the Derby fans it is an insult.

The Derby chairman, an American called Tom Glick, said that those fans who had bought season tickets would get their money refunded if they were not happy with the summer purchases! Apparently something like 16000 committed Derby fans bought season tickets!

Today we fielded a team which must closely resemble our first team. We travelled south...not to London...or the south east...we went to ... you guessed it ...bloody Exeter City. Well obviously if the manager wanted an easy fixture to boost confidence then he would choose Exeter City. I don't even know the league that Exeter has descended to but will you not be surprised to learn that Derby lost 1-0.

At the same time 15 miles down the road Leicester were running Real Madrid to a 1-2 defeat. For the past so many years a mate and I have had a fun bet on which team will finish the highest in the league. I will not accept this bet this year because Derby will probably be relegated. It is almost certain. I really hope that I am wrong but ever since Nigel arrived at Pride Park it has been a disaster. Those 16000 fans should take up Tom Glick's offer... they SHOULD ask for a refund!

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