Friday, 15 July 2011

Who can we trust?

Nicky Morgan
Nicky Morgan MP

Tonight at my local club a rare event occurred. People began to discuss politics and in particular the News International crisis. Many of them know that I write a blog and they also know that I comment on controversial subjects. Some of them actually read my scribblings but in general they prefer to adhere to the old adage that one never discusses politics or religion in the pub.

Of course this is actually what the Political Class would prefer...they would far rather that we dumbed down our opinions because they can then just get on with their shenanigans. One aspect however did prevail and that was the general mistrust of our politicians.

Politicians today are held in contempt and the name of our local politician, Nicky Morgan, cropped up and local people are aware of how little she represents the constituency! She is first in line when it comes to David Cameron loyalists and she recently was one of 257 politicains who voted for an increase to our EU subscriptions. I ask you who would want to increase public subscriptions to an unaudited, unelected organisation unless their thinking was askew?

Nicky Morgan appears to be just a political animal hell bent on ensuring her future by sucking on the teet of Westmonster. The people of Loughborough are beginning to realise that their hatred of NoLab and Gordon Brown which reflected badly on Andy Reed, was possibly not a great move. But then who can we trust? When all our mainstream politicians, our mainstream media, even our policemen are suspected of elements of corruption then who can we trust?

I keep reiterating that you cannot trust any politician who supports the European Union! The EU is a cancer at the heart of our society ( a bit like climate change) and until we rid ourselves of this catastrophic blight on our country we will never again be a democratic/respected/honest civilisation.

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