Friday, 29 July 2011

Foreign Aid

Andrew Mitchell
I have repeatedly posted about how successive British governments, all who have sworn allegiance to the European Union, continue to squander taxpayer's money by handing vast sums to African despots and then failing to supervise how this money is being spent. I regret to inform you that yet another report has emerged on how this 'Aid' is being diverted into the pockets of African leaders.

Time after time I see International Development Minister, Andrew Mitchell, appear on TV reiterating that this aid is badly needed and we must continue to pour our money into Africa. I don't doubt that it is needed and we only have to look at the pathetic creatures in the Horn of Africa for proof. Women surrounded by hordes of kids that they can't even begin to feed!

My point is that we have contributed vast sums of money, which we could be using on our own elderly and children, and yet the situation on the ground never changes. None of them are educated on contraception, irrigation or modern farming methods so at the first sign of drought (and it is Africa) the only response is bring out the begging bowl. Surely it is not beyond our International Development officials to devise a system whereby any aid granted should be supervised and monitored and if they can't do that then stop it!

I cannot understand how Andrew Mitchell can tolerate an African despot, in this case Denis Sassou Nguesso leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who has diverted money into buying 16 of the more desirable properties in Paris! He is not the only one either because these African leaders appear intent on buying up Paris with our bloody money. Mitchell must be aware of this corruption and yet steadfastly ignores it. He gets even worse because whereas most government departments are having to adjust their budgets downwards good old Andy Mitchell will by 2014 get a 34% rise. He will then have a mere £11.4 billion to award to the African property developers.

Who decides these things? I am sorry but if you are going to ignore this size of obvious criminality then how much more are you ignoring. There is a rottenness at the heart of Westmonster which beggars belief! But then and I will never stop saying it if you support and unaudited organisation with public money (The EU) then you are already supporting corruption.


Anonymous said...

The reason why the government gives these African despots a lot of taxpayers money is because they are reward in return with oil, mining, business contracts etc.


bryboy said...

Hello Damo tks for your interest. I agree but then they should come clean about it. The public in general believe that aid goes to good causes. It is out and out bribery and should be exposed as such.