Sunday, 10 July 2011

Manna from Heaven for Red Ed!

Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip and MEP for South-east England

Ever since Ed Miliband beat his brother to the leadership of the tragic NoLab party he has died a death. He is routinely humiliated by David Cameron at PM's Question Time because it is akin to the Luxemburg tennis players trying to beat Andy Murray in the Davis Cup!

Suddenly he has been given an unprecedented opportunity to traduce the PM who at the moment is wide open to a left hook. David Cameron has so many questions about his friendships with the Murdoch Empire that even Tony Blair is apparently intervening on his behalf. Well that is the clincher...when Teflon Tony is on your side then you are on the skids! Please remember David = Conservative and Tony = Labour so are you now getting the picture. David loves News International and Tony loves News International so Tony and David must be in love!

Perhaps that is why David got his side of the House of Commons to give Tony a standing ovation when Gordon eventually kicked him into touch. They represent opposite sides of the political spectrum but actually they are mates!! How does that work!

The Political Class have somehow contrived to neuter our electoral process so that they are both the same and both support News International and the European Union. Wow! It makes you proud to be British. Can you remember how, when he was campaigning, David Cameron spoke about capping local government salaries, the bonfire of quangos and the British Bill of Rights? Yeah right!

If Ed Miliband cannot get this right then he may as well forget any bid for PM. The problem is that 'Red Ed' does not have the clout to challenge the Murdoch Empire. He is a weak leader and almost everyone knows it and at any rate he is a puppet of the Unions.

So that brings me back to the crucial issue. Who is backing Britain? We have the Murdoch empire which at every level appears to be on the side of the European Union and we have the Trade Unions who also are backing anything which supports the European Union! So where does that leave you and me?

You guessed it! Perhaps we should try Nigel Farage who does not appear to have any links to News International or the Trade Unions. ARE YOU LISTENING! We have ONE active politician who stands up and shouts for Britain and has NO LINKS TO NEWS INTERNATIONAL OR THE TRADE UNIONS!!! He bats for Britain... !! Food for thought!

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