Wednesday, 27 July 2011


What an utter mess our politicians have made of the Libyan crisis! I blogged months ago that we should have gone into save the lives of the rebel forces in Benghazi. They were heavily outgunned and they deserved some support but we then went over the top. We had to leave at the very moment that we had evened up the odds.

Western European powers cannot get involved in arab affairs. We don't understand them and they will shaft us at every opportunity given the chance. Our economy is in ruins courtesy of Gordon Brown and the bankers and yet, for whatever reason, David Cameron, William Hague and heaven knows who else decided that British aircraft would be committed to a useless bombing campaign which has gone on for months.

It has achieved nothing! It would never ever achieve anything because you cannot bomb people into submission unless you do what the American did to Japan in 1945. Do these people never read history? Remember what happened in the East End of London in 1941/42! They bombed the crap out of the East End and the people just hid in the underground.

Now whoopee after all this expenditure they have decided to kick out Ghaddafi's men from their embassy and deal with the rebel diplomats. Well fine... but why now? Why not way back when? This should have been the first step not the last step. Ghaddafi has won all along the line so far and it has cost us huge sums of money. I still believe that this whole pantomime is being conducted from on high by a fairy godfather who is manipulating our politicians.

Perhaps we would find the answers on the Rothschild yacht which Cameron, Osborne ande Mandelson seem unable to resist!


Anonymous said...

Who the flying fuck does NATO and to a much lesser extent, Hague, think they are in deciding who or who doesn't run a foreign country.
Helicopters, bombs, noses - OUT - NOW!.

Anonymous said...

NATO being sued - not before time.

bryboy said...

Couldn't agree more! Tks for the tip on the Libyan family sueing NATO. No doubt the taxpayer will fund the legal fees on behalf of NATO!