Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Who is going to jail then?

Milly Dowler: Rebekah Brooks won't resign over News of the World phone hacking claims
As the storm clouds continue to gather around the senior executives of News  International I think it is fair to ask which of them stands a good chance of going to jail? Now that the royals are involved and the privacy of Gordon Brown has been breached the police may have to act however reluctantly.

It is clear that officers of the Metropolitan Police have been involved and for that alone prison sentences should be demanded. Their officers  also appear to have been covering up corrupt behaviour which I find criminal. There is little doubt that some of their senior officers have not been acting in the best interests of the public.

Somebody, somewhere has now decided to leak these indiscretions to the public. Who is doing it? Is it the Guardian? How long do we have to wait before the full extent of this media carnage is known? If News International has been routinely hacking the phones of well anyone with the assistance of officers from the Met the potential for blackmail is enormous!

I have long blogged that endemic corruption was at the heart of our political society but it now seems as if it is much worse than even  I could ever have imagined. Can we trust any of them to tackle it properly or will they find a way to weasle around it? Will we find a judge who doesn't have something to hide? To be honest we may even have to face a General Election where we will once again have the prospect of voting for politicians who will offer false manifestos and carry on regardless of the result.

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