Sunday, 10 July 2011

David Cameron and his friends!

When a scandal as big as 'Hackinggate' hits the fan many people are drawn into the spotlight from the sidelines. Some of these people probably thought that they were in positions of strength and suddenly discover that their lives are being exposed to a wider audience. I have often posted of a New World Order which includes certain prominent families who run the banking, energy and media worlds.

Clearly the Rothschilds are the most prominent of these families but the Murdoch group must now be closely associated along with the Astors, Rockefellas etc, etc. I was always dubious about Tony Blair's association with Rupert Murdoch because I do not consider that Mr Murdoch is a force for good. I would rather that my politicians were independently minded and not in thrall of any banker or media mogul.

There is little doubt that
the European Union was established by very powerful people because so many international politicians fell into line and opposition was minimal. Only an enormously powerful influence could have got away with it. So I am afraid that anyone who supports the EU I regard as suspect.

I have always regarded David Cameron as a politician who could guide this country away from the lousy days when Gordon Brown was blundering around Downing Street and so to some extent I welcomed him as PM. However since the
hacking scandal broke the mainstream media are linking him closer and closer to the Murdoch empire so that his judgement seems to be impaired.
It now appears that his social circle in Oxfordshire is immersed with the Murdoch empire to such an extent that he cannot avoid accusations that he is flawed. According to the press he shares the same friends as Tony Blair. His Christmas dinner with Charlie and Rebecca Brooks, his links to near neighbour Matthew Freud (married to Elizabeth daughter of Rupert Murdoch), a PR guru closely linked with the News of the World and the employment of Andy Coulson are at best remarkably naive for a person of Cameron's background and experience.

Reports also place him on board Nat Rothschild's yacht at one time with George Osborne and that does concern me. I realise that he is an Old Etonian and that it is highly likely that he has known some of these people socially for years but he is now the PM and should be serving the people. Mixing with these notorious bankers and media moguls is very poor judgement for a serving British PM.
Finally the Mail on Sunday detailed the political guests who attended the 40th birthday party of Elizabeth Freud (nee Murdoch). Named were David Cameron, George Osborne, Tony Blair,  Peter Mandelson, David Miliband and Tessa Jowell which makes you wonder if our vote counts at all.  I pose the question are not these leading politicians are far too close to the powerbrokers for comfort.?

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