Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The BBC and Foreign Aid

Andrew Mitchell
Chief Fritterer of Taxpayer's Money
Andrew Mitchell 'International Development Secretary'

This morning a regular event happened on the BBC. Their presenters brought on Andrew Mitchell the so called International Development Secretary to explain and defend how he squanders so much of our money that we don't have sufficient to care for our elderly.

This morning they employed the well known tactic of the pretty teenager who speaks English and 'wants to be a doctor' (accompanied by soft music) so that we will continue to pour money into East Africa just like we have been doing for so many years.

This morning however, Mitchell went even further by declaring that it was in 'Britain's national interest' to throw this money at East Africa (and not check how it is spent). He mentioned the threat of terrorism and immigration almost in the same word conveniently forgetting that Britain is an island and nobody could arrive here without the connivance of the Home Office and our politicians!  He specifically mentioned Ethiopia and Somalia highlighting the threat of the coastal pirates as if these countries were on our doorstep. Now fortunately not too many Somalis or Ethiopeans have penetrated the rural areas of the East Midlands so far but they have swamped communities in the London/Southall areas and I cannot find much evidence to suggest that they are contributing to the economy. From what I hear they do however enhance the crime statistics.

I would therefore suggest to Mr Mitchell that he should spend some of his aid budget on OUR coastal defences and OUR elderly and leave the East Africans to cope with their own demise like they have done for centuries. Andrew Mitchell is not batting for Britain and his constituents should remember that once they open their eyes and take their hands off their ears!

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