Sunday, 17 July 2011

Well it is a start!

Sir Paul Stephenson

I am staggered! After the performances of the Assistant Commissioners in front of the Home Office Select Committee last week I began to think that the Met Police hierarchy were so poor that I wondered how they had been selected.

Then of course it has since transpired that they all seem to have accepted hospitality from News International!

This is beyond belief but I wonder about the culture in the Met. How did they think that they could do their job when they were actually in hock to a media mogul? My angle is who appointed them? Where did they come from? Apparently Andy Hayman for example arrived in London from the backwoods of Norfolk. How did he do it? Who was pitching for him and (on his performance before the Select Committee) why?

When the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has to resign then it is obvious that he has issues. It is a humiliation, a degradation because if he is corrupt what does it say about his force? Who else has been corrupted? Who else cannot be trusted? I ask a further question is Sue Akers an honest copper? There is no reason to doubt her but if she has come off the same production line that gave us Stephenson, Yates, Hayman et al then what happens when we discover that she too has close links to a media mogul?

Sorry but the whole lot must be swept away and the next generation should have a different criteria applied to them. Of course it won't happen and the system will continue to generate the graspers, the vain, the degenerate and the corruptible. This is the outcome of allowing Common Purpose to select the top policemen for its own ends.

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