Thursday, 7 July 2011

News International - what next?

A sign for the News of the World at News International in Wapping (Pic: PA)

So that is the end of the News of the World but somehow I don't buy that Rupert Murdoch caves in that quickly. He spent years creating a savage media culture where his brand became the market leader. He did it by creating a ruthless approach to journalism where the story became the goal and human feelings counted for nothing. This culture eventually led to his staff hacking into the private phones of dead children and soldiers.

Now, excuse me, but I do not believe for one moment that this man is going to flinch when the going gets tough. He has quickly made a decision to close down the paper probably realising that he had lost the corporate advertising finances. That was the decision of a person not scared to face the future. He is in a tight hole so he changes the ball game. It is tactically brilliant but his cause is so flawed and he is involved in so much that in my opinion is morally wrong that I suspect his motives.

Someone today on SKY news stated very briefly that the name 'The Sun on Sunday' had already been registered and I sat up and took notice. It is simple; close down the NOTW and introduce 'The Sun on Sunday'! Bingo still in business... and now able to pursue corporate advertising finance again!

Now I am just one old guy with a keyboard and I am no clairvoyant but the only advantage of old age is that you begin to understand people. After all I have met a lot of bastards in my time and now I alert myself to people who cannot be trusted. Money attracts money so corporate finance will not want to desert Rupert Murdoch. If they get an excuse to reinvest in his media outlet then you watch them go!

So are we back to square one? What will happen to Rebekah Brooks? Will all the NOTW journalists (people like Carole Malone) now join 'The Sun on Sunday'? Heh I don't yet know if 'The Sun on Sunday' is on the cards but I just suspect that Rupert Murdoch will soon be back in business.

The question is... are we ready to embrace the journalistic style of the Murdoch press once again now that it has been so cruelly exposed? It is the culture which has to change. The British public are inherently tolerant but most of us are really disgusted with the conduct of the police and the News International journalists. What they did was so low, so despicable that there can be no room in British culture for journalists with no  moral compass.

I think that News International will gamble but whether it pays off will depend on the anger of the British people. Oh dear we do seem to have very short memories! What I do not want to be swept under the carpet is the conduct of the police. They MUST root out every single copper who sold information for profit and jail them. Somehow I don't think it will happen because that particular branch of our society is more corrupt than the criminals that they are paid to catch.

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