Monday, 11 July 2011

The Metropolitan Police- who is in charge?

I have been bowling throughout the afternoon and I am just now catching up with the news but the whole story is horrendous. A royal protection officer paid by the News of the World for information about the family he was protecting? How much lower can this story get? How much lower can the Metropolitan Police sink? If this is true how can Sir Paul Stephenson remain in his position as Met Commissioner?

For the whole time that I have been writing this blog I have constantly ranted on about the conduct of the police and the Political Class. I have particularly concentrated on the police because they have been corrupted beyond belief. Time after time I have highlighted how they have fouled up and then apologised believing that this would be sufficient to placate those who had been wronged. It was happening everywhere and all the time.

The worst examples always came from the Met where wrong practice seemed to be routine. The Territorial Support Group were always the most violent and vicious and gave the impression of being hired thugs. However the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes really exposed the incompetence of some of the senior officers. Clearly the whole operation that day under the control of Cressida Dick was a shambles. She is a Common Purpose recruit and was later promoted!

David Cameron is seriously on the defensive. Red Ed has been given a heaven sent opportunity to wound the government fatally. If David Cameron is to safeguard his position then he must sack Sir Paul Stephenson, he must sack Yates of the Yard and announce a root and branch reform of the Metropolitan police. Nothing else will suffice. The problem is, if his banking and media masters prevent him from saving his skin then we will eventually end up with an election. However this time even the stupid British might realise how they are being stitched up!

What an absolute shambolic mess courtesy of the corrupt Political Class who have betrayed the British public for their own gain. It is high time that treason came back onto the statute book! The corruption emanating from the Political Class, the Bonus Class and the Police has been evident for some time but it has been proven by the conduct of News Internatiional with the connivance of the aforementioned. The question is what do we do about it? They are all guilty! Some have been caught out in the open but they are all at it. It has become a culture without shame and without boundaries. Unless we the public do something positive it will only get worse because until we sweep them away they will continue to spit on us.

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