Thursday, 7 July 2011

The myths about Foreign Aid

I have spoken often about the scandal of Foreign Aid because I passionately believe that charity begins at home and until we take care of our own vulnerable we should not be worrying about kids in East Africa. We have to be realistic when handing out taxpayer's money to unaudited organisations (I obviously include the EU in this).

Today in the Daily Mail columnist Ian Birrell agrees and includes ten myths of Foreign Aid many of which I have already highlighted in previous posts. It is always nice to be backed up by writers of far greater prominence with far better resources.


bewick said...

Totally agree with Ian B.
60 years of continuous aid has allowed the "refugees" of Gaza to mushroom from 250,000 in 1948 to 1.5m today - and they're still called refugees and the aid requirement has increased 6 fold, and WILL increase exponentially.

Has happened massively in Africa and India as well.
If you keep feeding the monster it grows and demands more. It also becomes indolent and stops bothering to look after itself.
I'm not inhumane but I no longer contribute to charities such as Oxfam where only 5% of contributions actually reach the supposed beneficiaries. Nor do I feel any responsibility to feed indolent peoples who sit around and simply breed uncontrollably without doing anything for themselves. We have enough of those here!

bryboy said...

Hi Bewick, I think that it perplexes many of the public. The amounts that we give away are not insignificant. I would be happy to contribute to audited charities but only when we have provided the care we need for the vulnerable at home. It has now been going on for far too long and you are right they will continue to ask for more.