Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Doesn't Bilderberger count then Mr Cameron?

George Osborne
George Osborne Chancellor
David Cameron gave an impressive performance in Westmonster today as he promised to root out the sleaze and insisted that openness would be a priority from now on. Fine because that is what the public want but then I read a letter in the Daily Mail today which rather casts a doubt on his integrity.

Apparently the annual Bilderberger meeting was held in St Moritz last month and the Chancellor attended along with Peter Mandelson. The Bilderberger meetings are ultra secretive and the 'guest list' usually contains media moguls, bankers and politicians. For very many years Ken Clarke was involved on a regular basis.

Clearly Mr Osborne was going to rub shoulders with the very people that David Cameron was talking about today! I just wonder if he declared this meeting in the new spirit of openness? I wonder because none of the participants in the past have spoken about the agenda.  So, as the Daily Mail letter (which was signed) suggests, will the Chancellor provide a full and detailed report of his meetings with media moguls at Bilderberger or doesn't that count?

I would also like to suggest that the PM and the Chancellor give full details of any past or future meetings with Nat Rothschild on his yacht because until these meetings are aired publically it is difficult to trust the politicians.

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