Sunday, 24 July 2011

Why did he target Utoya Island?

Shows: Norway attacks suspect Anders Behring Breivik
Anders Behring Breivik

Brian Gerrish UK Column

The murder of so many beautiful young Norwegians by one deranged individual Anders Behring Breivik has horrified all of us. There is little doubt that the Norwegians are one of the most photogenic races in the world so the pictures of so many lovely young people will race round the world. One cannot ever condone what this person did but there are aspects of the act which puzzle me.

Why did he choose Utoya Island for his act of atrocity? What attracted him to this group of people? He apparently detonated a bomb close to the government HQ in Oslo and then immediately targetted Utoya Island. Now the mainstream media have reported that the camp, in an idyllic setting, was actually a youth camp run by the Norwegian Socialists.  Their PM Jens Stoltenberg actually succeeded Gordon Brown as the EU's climate change coordinator (Yeah right!).

I look at the situation that we have in this country. The destruction of education, so that even teachers (this was on TV last night) don't know who abdicated the throne in 1936 and have no idea where caviar comes from, demonstrates the dumbing down of everything valuable and the rise of everything puerile. People think it is clever to be ignorant but back to the point.  Common Purpose, the organisation which seems to appoint almost everyone to the top Public Service positions have a youth programme called 'Your Turn'.

In the past twenty years it would appear that thousands of young people have attended the 'Your Turn' programme. This programme seems to entitle many of them to leading positions in quangos and lucrative positions in public services.  To me, and I know nothing about it but others like Brian Gerrish do, it seems to promote indoctrination. Whenever secret organisations run courses for children it cannot be healthy.

Listen to Brian Gerrish, his talk took place in 2009 but ask yourselves has anything changed? What Anders Behring Breivik did was inexcusable. This violent act against innocent people entitles the mainstream media to brand him a right wing extremist. He is clearly mentally ill but in this dreadful way has he not highlighted a cancer in European society? If beautiful young children are being prepared for the future by socialist inspired propaganda then are we not back to Adolf Hitler?

Sit down, take a deep breath and listen to Brian Gerrish! Unlike Anders Behring Breivik he has no history of mental illness. He is an ex  Royal Navy officer and appears to be fighting a one man battle against the European Union.  He too will be branded a right wing extremist but his opinions cannot be refuted because everything he exposes has happened. It is all true! We are all too comfortable and too complacent so we choose to ignore it.

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