Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Gordon Brown

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The cross party agreement on the enquiry into News International is currently, with the connivance of the Speaker, being ruined by Gordon Brown who has now been on his feet trying to excuse his past behaviour for over thirty minutes.

This disgraceful individual, who has neglected the House of Commons for months now is taking this opportunity to monopolise the debate not yielding to anyone. His monstous ego is fully on show even though he has been discredited so often.

Everyone knows that he was in the pocket of News International to such an extent that he hosted parties at Chequers for both Rebekah Brooks and Elizabeth Freud (nee Murdoch). He is adopting a high moral tone completely forgetting the close relationship that both he and Tony Blair had with Rupert Murdoch. I believe this relationship only floundered when Murdoch realised how utterly useless he was!

He completely failed during his time as PM to tackle the phone hacking scandal and is now trying to excuse his failure. He failed in that in the same way that he failed in everything else not least by ensuring that he wrecked the economy before he left office. This is my one hundredth post on Gordon Brown and I hope that I never have to mention his name again!


Nick said...

Thanks and well done!
If it was safe, I would mention it/ him in the same sentence as Accuracy International!!!

Anonymous said...

He's a grade A cock

NewsboyCap said...


A more vindictive, spiteful, arrogant waste of skin we have had the misfortune to be PM has never existed before.
And a murderer to boot, he would be the first to be strung up alongside the terrible BLUR....B*st*rd

bryboy said...

Well so far that is pretty well unanimous! I just do not understand how this utter waste of space is allowed to dominate House of Commons time for so long. It is clear that the 'Squeaker' is not even handed. He should be replaced after this episode! Tks for your interest guys!