Friday, 1 July 2011

Dominique Strauss-Khan

 Strauss-Kahn expected to claim ''police irregularities'' over arrest ‘like a chicken thief’Did anyone really believe that the head of the IMF would be charged with an alleged assault on a chambermaid? She has so many challenges against her integrity that once again she has no chance of justice. She was so brave to even think about bringing this French politician into the courts that I actually believe he is bang to rights!

Of course my opinion is irrevelant. I find it interesting that he resigned from one of the most important positions in the world before his lawyers got to work. If this was a trumped up charge on me then I would NEVER resign because that is an admission of guilt.

The mainstream media record that he has a track record. This is apparently not the first accusation of this type of conduct. He is possibly just unlucky but the EU/banking hierarchy do have a tendency to believe that they are untouchable.

The chambermaid is possibly/probably much richer from her experience with the former head of the IMF and maybe she has reversed her original accusation. I really hope not  but she, poor girl, is on a hiding to nothing. We all know how these lawyers work (witness the Dowler family) so now her whole life will be trawled over to protect a corrupt politician. Lawyers rule the world because they understand how to skew the truth.

Dominique Strauss-Khan will no doubt escape the full consequences of his actions...but apparently there is forensic evidence which prove the accusations. I await the trial with interest.

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