Saturday, 9 July 2011

Endemic Corruption!

The 'Hacking gate' scandal is dominating the news. We have already forgotten about Libya and Syria and only the persistence of the BBC is keeping the famine in East Africa in the news. I just wonder if this is going to wake the British public up to the endemic corruption which pervades the country.  I have already posted many times that any politician that supports the European Union must have something to hide.

Any organisation that exists courtesy of public taxes must be open to audit. If they cannot submit accounts to audit following public expenditure then they immediately become illegal/criminal.  It is surely that simple! In no other walk of life would this be permitted but our politicians continue to shovel billions of taxpayer's money into the ever gaping black hole.

Now from what I hear and read out of this black hole emerged the secretive organisation 'Common Purpose' which controls the appointments of so many of our more important public officials. Since the inception of Common Purpose the salaries of public officials have gone through the roof and the quango culture has flourished and prospered. It is of course a recipe for corruption and in my opinion our public services have been utterly runied since the early 1990's. What I have never fathomed out is how was it allowed to happen?

Surely we had honest officials/politicians/journalists somewhere who could see what was happening?
Who shut them all up? You see this is the dilemma, if the EU is corrupt then why do almost all of our leading politicians and our three leading Westmonster parties support it? The same applies to our public officials appointed by Common Purpose  It means that they too are suspect so whenever a scandal emerges in the media I am never surprised to learn about it.

In the middle of all this mire lurks Rupert Murdoch and his organisation News International. This corporation has involved itself in British Politics ever since Tony Blair arrived on the scene. I have often read that Tony Blair was far too close to Rupert Murdock and of course I am not surprised. If anything stank 'Teflon Tony' was discovered not too far away.

So now we have 'Hackinggate' and I would love to be a fly on the wall at Wapping today. I just wonder how many computers are being smuggled out of the back door? The problem is that there is no honour among thieves. If someone goes down then usually he/she doesn't go alone. There must be senior editors who are very angry and .who have knowledge of as yet unpublished secrets. I wonder how many books are being secretly planned?

I await the next revelation with a spring in my step!

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