Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bombardier and the Government.

Ever since I began this blog I have been actively demonstrating how The Political Class have been undermining every aspect of our lifestyle in this country. One of the most demanding has been the dismantling of our manufacturing industry. Company after company has been destroyed because the government would not support them with orders in the same way as French and German governments support their companies.

It is all so predictable because it has happened so often so when the Department of Transport, once again, failed to award a major contract to Bombardier, the Derby based railway works, they must have known that it would signal major redundancies. But don't let that bother you folks just shut your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears and keep voting for the EU supporting politicians who want to ruin you.

They don't give a s**t for their country or their people. They are giving your money away as fast as they can but you all ignore the obvious and keep voting for them. What will it take to wake up the people of this abysmally ignorant country up? I despair!
Philip Hammond the Transport |Minister is on Newsnight stating that the procurement rules were set by the Labour government in 2008. So once again the NoLab politicians have screwed the country and remember Derby is a socialist supporting city. Please, please get a grip on who is screwing who. All you people in Derby who voted Labour now know that the politicians and that means Margaret bloody Beckett voted to destroy Bombardier!! Are you getting the picture yet? Will you PLEASE open your eyes and take your hands away from your ears!

Your families will continue to suffer whilst you vote Con/Lab/Lib. Our political system has been corrupted by public schoolboys/girls who care not a jot for you and I! Look at their background and ask yourselves how could they relate to you and I? Our political system is run by the public school educated elite and the Trade Union bullies.

You and I count for nothing but unlike me you continually vote for them both!!  


NewsboyCap said...


Agree completely, but voting just encourages the Political class. No matter which party you choose, Lib/Lab/Con, Ukip, Bnp, Green or whatever the main players are as you say public school boys/girls, and all are socialists.
I think we need to stop playing their silly political games, join Lawful Rebellion, write a constitution, perhaps similar to the Swiss model, incorporate Referism and remove ourselves from the EU.
Then maybe we can elect politicians who have experience of the world of work, finance, engineering and life in general.
Until then stop encouraging them.

bryboy said...

Yes and tks for your continuing interest. I find the real problem is the apathy of the British people. They refuse to listen and accept without question the garbage delivered by the media and the politicians. Most of them can't be bothered to even think about what is happening which will condemn their grandchildren to a life of drudgery!

bewick said...

Agree Bryboy. Apart from the leftie chattering classes most people take not a bit of notice of politics - until that is it might hit their pocket. I remember an old song "Money is the root of all evil". How true.
I just read Kate Adie's autobiog "the kindness of strangers". In it she visited an ex Russian state which had just been devastated by an earthquake - something stan.
She came across an old lady in the debris with her obvious 2 grandkids amidst total devastation.
She was preparing a tiny meal of chopped up potatoes and something else on a bit of metal over an open fire. (there was little food available). When it was cooked she split this tiny meal into two - scraped a half onto a piece of cardboard - and offered it to the TV crew.(they refused of course). Sort of reminds me of the 50s but can you see anyone at all doing that here in the UK today? I can't. They're all too bloody selfish and grabbing.