Sunday, 10 July 2011

Iain RIP

Today is the first anniversary of the death of my son Iain who was killed on the A1 whilst driving his HGV home to Edinburgh in the early hours of the morning. We will never forget the shock of this unexpected accident and the dreaded knock on the door as the police came to inform us.

We are a small compact family so to lose someone who was such a larger than life character was tragic. However out of his death we met many of his friends from his HGV days and his university friends as he had just completed his law degree.

Today I received Facebook messages and I was genuinely surprised at how many people remembered him. His housemate and best friend Dan even took flowers and laid them at the accident spot. They will never know what a comfort these little acts of kindness have made to the family.


Captain Ranty said...

My thoughts are with you Bry.

We lost three babies and that was very tough. Our daughter would have been 18 on July 2nd.

I'm not sure I could cope with losing one of my boys now though.

You must be enormously strong.

God bless you and yours.


Catherine in Athens said...

Only just found your site, Bry, but I would like to echo Captain Ranty's wishes for you and your family. So glad you have found comfort in some of Iain's good friends.

bryboy said...

Catherine that is so kind of you. We may be independent spirits but we still have hearts and souls. Bless you!