Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Keystone Cops!

Andy Hayman
Andy Hayman

I am afraid I have been left incredulous by the behaviour of the former Assistant Commissioners of the Met during their appearances before the Home Office Select Committee. Their attitude and moral standards at times beggars belief!

Their apologies rang very hollow and in the case of Andy Hayman he seemed  very flip with his answers. He seemed to think there was nothing wrong to accept hospitality from the very company that he was investigating and from which he later accepted employment .

How can he possibly imagine that people would regard this behaviour as acceptable? At times laughter rang round the room as he protested his innocence. Sky News has done a great job exposing the Keystone Cops who frankly have lost all credibility. I got the impression that these top police brass went out of their way to sweep the hacking scandal under their plush carpets. They seemed frightened to confront News International and one wonders why?

I think that in a quirky way Rebekah Brooks and her dodgy cohorts may have done us all a favour. They have exposed what happens when the wrong people are pushed to the top of the heap by organisations like Common Purpose. I will know that the government have grasped the problem when they investigate the power of Common Purpose. This is the real problem and the rest is frankly window dressing.


Anonymous said...

I see no change in the present batch of "Commisioners (assistants) (deputy) (acting)", how many commissioners are presently in post?
The faux surprise turning to faux anger when asked if he had ever accepted payment, me thinks he protested far too much.
He, at least, has reaped his News International reward.
It's an insult to our intelligence to hold such an obviously mock committee hearing, I just wish they would try harder and make it look real.

bryboy said...

I agree the tones should be much harsher and more aggressive. It is the same with Chilcott. It is all too gentile and gentlemanly.
Fortunately we are not the only people who thought that Hayman came out of his grilling very badly.