Wednesday, 20 July 2011

They were swatted away like flies!

Once again our MPs let us down. I watched much of the Murdoch inquiry yesterday and I wasn't disappointed because I expected nothing and that is what we got. The questions were swatted away like flies from two people who in my opinion had been superbly primed.

One comment from Rupert Murdoch was never pursued because he said that he had been let down by people who he had trusted. Well the first person who had let him down had to be his son James. James Murdoch was the local commander of the family firm because his dad was claiming to be above the routine decision making process.

So given that James had not let him down then who was the next person in the management chain? Well surely that has to be Rebekah Brooks? I missed most of her interview because of bowling commitments but early on she began in very much the same vein.  She knew nothing! She was the captain on the bridge but knew nothing of the pay offs, the phone hacking, the blagging and actually any of the scullduggery associated with former members of the News of the World staff.

The questions continued in a rather benign manner. Everyone was very polite and gosh wasn't it
awfully nice? The Murdochs manipulated and manoevered that committee to such an extent that it was embarrassing. These people are so smooth and prepared that everyone else appears amateurish. They ruled that room from the minute that they sat down.

The bottom line is that IF Rupert Murdoch believes that he was let down by people he trusted then that question should have been pursued so that by the time Rebekah Brooks sat down her backside should have been scalded by the hot seat bequeathed to her.  It was such a waste of time!

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Anonymous said...

Why were MPs questioning the head of a concern suspected of breaking the law, isn't that a job for the police? (just fell off me chair and my sides are splitting, Sorry!