Monday, 18 July 2011

How many more...?

They are tumbling like dominoes! I posted on the day that John Yates appeared before the Home Office Select Committee that his performance was so abject that he would be lucky to survive.

I concede that his resignation does not bear comparison to Sir Paul Stephenson because as yet there is no evidence in the public domain that he accepted hospitality from the Murdoch Empire. He did however, fail to examine 11,000 pieces of phone hacking evidence which needs explaining.

Just for fun I am currently examining this list of Common Purpose graduates to find out how many members of the police are included and how far up the ladder they have risen since joining the ranks of the those sponsored by Common Purpose. Sky News has just announced that Cressida Dick will be replacing John Yates. I am not surprised at that. 

I emphasise that this corrosion of police officers will continue until someone examines how some of these people leap up the ladder faster than their counterparts who didn't acquire a Common Purpose 'matrix'.

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