Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Police ... again!

Today a police officer was told to leave the court in Leicester after the judge saw him listening to a voicemail message! Do they not know the law? Have they no regard for fair play? Are they actually out of control? Are the British police above the British law?

Questions really have to be asked about their conduct. The Coalition government should really tackle this anomaly because the public have concerns about the conduct of the police. We have many concerns! When Robert Peel formed the first 'Peelers' with their emphasis on the protection of the public he could never believe that in the twenty first century they would purely be a weapon guarding the state.

Remember how we used to mock the East Germans? How could they submit to a totalitarian state? It would never happen in Britain! Well it has! We are in the hands of
a socialist state just like they were in East Germany. Forget the terms 'Conservative' or 'Liberal' they have conned you at the ballot box. I blogged many times that unless you forgot the Westmonster parties and voted for minority groups then you risked your freedom.

The Police force today is just like the Stasi or the Gestapo. They protect the government and refuse to protect the public. I don't blame the beat bobby but I suspect that they know their role in our society. Their hierarchy have their orders and that is why we have the Territioral Support Group (TSG) because they are the modern stormtroopers.

I regret that the police today are out of control. The prisons are in the hands of the inmates and the Justice System  bows to the European Human Rights Act which has corrupted our law belong belief. A country which does not have a fair criminal justice system bears comparison to any banana state. This is what we have become. We are corrupted beyond belief.

Why cannot the British public see what is happening? Two reasons!  The young have been dumbed down! The Unions bully and the media...who are principally to blame.. feed everyone a constant diet of bullshit. The elderly have become selfish. Many of them have pensions which will never be repeated so they sit tight and frankly many of us do not have the energy to fight a fight which the young should be fighting.

One day somebody will emerge. This person will not be clinging to a left wing agenda. This person will be a patriot and will possibly rally the people around the flag of St George. God knows I may live to see it happen!


NewsboyCap said...


In answer to your first paragraph questions, NO, NO, YES and most definitely YES.

Anonymous said...

I see the same thing happening in Ireland. When we had the President of America and the Queen of England over here, I was shocked on how the GardaĆ­ (Irish police) and government threw our constitution out the window. People stopped and searched without reasonable cause, houses searched without warrants, people vetted and asked for their political views. Homes invade by police for those who didn't go and see the president in Moneygall village. But what was more scary is that the media and general public didn't care.


bryboy said...

Hi guys and tks for the interest. Yes I noticed that the Irish were debarred from certain locations. The Political Class are firmly in control and we, the public, are not allowed to challenge them. But we are so cowed that we accept this nonsense. Heh Damo tks for finding me! We must fight on!