Saturday, 30 January 2010

John Terry

I am not surprised that life has at last caught up with John Terry. He has always been a loose cannon and although he is a great footballer is it not time to teach the public that footballers have a responsibility? They are role models and as such they have a responsibility to the young.

Terry is a prat. He has always been a prat, his history is littered by indiscretions involving booze, sex and violence. His family are always in the press for indiscretions. They believe that the fame of their son make them inviolate. They can steal, deal in drugs and generally behave like idiots even though it damages their son.

I know that we want to win the World Cup. I accept that John Terry is a huge part of our World Cup team BUT I think that Fabio Capello should bin him!! Take him out because he is a disgrace! We have people to take his place so we should get rid of him.

Can you imagine the impact on the morality of the country. Suddenly the captain of England is not inviolate; he is actually being punished for being a prat! Someone is being publically chastised and I believe that Capello should leave him behind and let him suffer.

John Terry is a symbol of the malaise which inflicts our society today. Nobody has ever said 'No' to John Terry because he is an icon. Everyone wants to please him and so he does as he pleases. I want to call time on that. Fabio could bin him and I would hope that he might. It is time to call time on a disgraceful individual. Even now BBC are trying to excuse him. I wonder how Wayne Bridges feels about that!

Yeh I know that I am in dreamland but we must rediscover morality in this country. Perhaps we should start with John Terry? Perhaps when Matthew Upson is seen holding the World Cup on high then John Terry will think that Sh**ging his mate's girlfriend was not a good idea!

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