Monday, 1 March 2010

Chickens coming home to roost...

Ever since NoLab came to power those in public service have prospered for very little effort. They have been protected and cosseted from the realities of life and many of them have played the magical and spurious game encouraged by the NoLab politicians.

Not for them the cutthroat rivalry of the private sector: not for them the delicate decision making which could prove the difference between profit or loss; not for them the long hours, the threat of redundancy or the stress of meeting financial targets. No, most of them were hand picked by Common Purpose to imitate nodding dogs and to participate in the scandal of the politically correct, diversity ridden culture imposed by NoLab.

Huge amounts of money has been thrown at these people meaning that they could doddle through life, isolated from responsibility and reality and cushioned by taxpayer's money. Many of them are the recipipents of the 'non jobs' those nebulous titles which are beyond the reach of the many which carry huge salaries. Billions have been thrown at the New Labour Project which is now coming to an end.

Those people who have prospered in La La land are now under threat and it is not before time. Here in the East Midlands thousands of local government workers are now under threat. Perhaps they will now regret the squandering of billions on their little jaunts, their diversity weekends, their compulsory attendance in working hours to hear 'gay' people discuss their sex life who were being paid in office hours to talk about their sex lives.

Weekends at public expense at four star luxury accommodation paid for by the taxpayer have been common place ever since NoLab came to power. To pay for it Council Tax has escalated beyond reason. Local government salaries have also risen to lunatic levels and it is high time it ceased.

When I first began this blog I stated quite categorically that we as a country could not afford the money being thrown at the public sector. I had experienced it, I was appalled by it and at long last, far too late, the chickens are coming home to roost.
The public sector is huge, it is bloated it has to be culled and hopefully it will be and then thousands of formerly Common Purpose employees will have to duel for jobs at firms like Carphone Warehouse!

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