Tuesday, 1 September 2009

This sick country!

Do you remember at the start of the summer when Dr Liam Donaldson NoLab's doctor in chief was predicting the dire consequences of 'Swine Flu'. Remember the figures quoted, hundreds of thousands would die unless we did this and did that. Call centres were opened up to deal with the modern day equivalent of 'Black Death' and the population was scared to death.

On 20 July I blogged that 'Swine Flu' was probably another invention by this incompetent government to distract us from their lack of ability. So what has happened to 'Swine Flu'? Where has it gone? How many people have died? How many millions were dispensed to cope with it?

Meanwhile in downtown Derby a paramedic was despatched to deal with a dying woman in a pub. She was sent alone without her mummy or any other visible back-up so as you might expect she got scared. Now there are pubs in Chaddo (Chaddesden) which would scare me but I am not a paramedic being paid to save lives. Who sent out this babe in arms alone to deal with an emergency? How the hell can someone in uniform think that there own safety is more important than the life that they should be saving?

I despair!!

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