Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gordon Brown - what can one say?

It is difficult to describe the revulsion that I feel every time Gordon Brown appears on the television. He has ruined the country financially to such an extent that the Bank of England has to print more money like a third world African banana republic. He has sold off our gold reserves, sold us down the river with Europe and now after repeatedly arguing that they would never cut public services they have reluctantly had to concede that Gordon Brown and NoLab are so, so inefficient that they have been compelled to renege on all their promises to maintain public services.

I worry however that David Cameron and the Tories will not be able to fill the void. It is very easy to sit tight and watch a prat like Gordon Brown ruin everything but what plans have they got to reverse the trend. Personally I am not impressed with George Osborne and I don't trust David Cameron. He is too...smarmy, too... smooth, too political class!

We need real people in Westmonster, committed people who are not allied to political parties. We will only have one election to sort this out. That is one election to ensure that our country has a chance of survival. In my opinion we are fighting a war.

The public must realise that the political class do not have our welfare at heart. They have proven time and time again that they dip into the public purse at every opportunity but contribute nothing in return. They support illegal organisations like the European Union and give money to regimes like Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

Gordon Brown got all the headlines today because he mentioned the one word 'cuts' which he should have mentioned years ago. The trouble is what cuts, when, where, who and with what? No details, no timeframe and no apology! It is all smoke and mirrors.

We must begin to prepare for the next election now. We must find new candidates, new policies and new parties. We must never ever again cast a vote for the discredited Westmonster Three. This country has to be repaired but in order to do so we must get people engaged in politics again.

If we do not take hold of this next election and I mean all of us, particularly the over sixties, then our grandchildren will never understand the freedom and the life that we once had in this country. We have been so complacent and so gullible that we have allowed these political animals to dictate to us so that they are now threatening to invade our houses in order to establish what tax we pay!

We are a rich country. Only a very hostile and incompetent government could have got to the point where they have created so much debt that they might sink us all. Gordon Brown is a busted flush but then so is Mandelsson and all their cohorts. In my opinion they should all be in jail but that is another question.

If we as a country continue to vote for the current political class then we will get all that we deserve.

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