Saturday, 19 September 2009

The British Government is in hock...

I have been looking for some time why the NoLab/Conservative parties are actually in hoc to the bankers. The reason that the government cannot impose sanctions on the people like SIR Fred Goodwin and his cohorts is that our political parties owe their existence to the bankers.

When the banks own the political parties then they can do what they want. We hear daily that NoLab has lost control of public finances and of course they have but we must remember that both George Osborne and Peter Mandelsson were on board the yacht owned by Nat Rothschild when they subsequently clashed!

I have come to the conclusion that it is pointless to vote because the bankers actually own the country. They win either way and always will. If you delve into the history of say the Rothschilds then it becomes clear that they have all the money and that means they own not only own Britain but also America.

The only countries that they don't own are Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Somalia!! Their most recent success was won because they recently gained Libya and that has only recently been gained through the contracts organised by Blair, Mandelsson and Brown through the medium of British Gas (owned by the Rothschilds).

The only reason that the Lockerbie bomber was released was to appease the bankers. They needed another conquest and so we gave it to them. How will they organise the conquests of Iran, North Korea, Somalia and Cuba?

Heh I am really rambling tonight! The problem is that we don't generally even look at the higher aspect of our finances because we know nothing about it. Heh neither do I... but there comes a time when we have to delve into history to discover our problems.

Europe was a creation of the media and the bankers. Look at the people who attended the Bilderberger conferences and then tell me that NoLab/Tory policies are not identical. We could all vote BNP/Green/UKIP/Independent/Libertarian it simply does not matter because the bankers own the world!

So how do we combat their desire to create a Muslim conflict? It is on the cards and only we in Britain can prevent it. Will we do it?

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