Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Anna Cheska

Today my second granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday and her friends gathered around. It gave me an opportunity to talk to Boris the father of Anna Cheska. I first blogged about Anna back in June to tell people of her prodigious talent in the tennis world.

I spoke to Boris for some time and he related to me the pressures of being a parent of a very talented sports child. He has nothing but praise for the much maligned Lawn Tennis Association and during this summer Anna has made remarkable progress. In one summer this slim little girl has passed through the county and regional selection process to feature in North of England trials at Bolton where she was the sole girl from the northern counties (the others were from Scotland).

Suddenly I feel quite sorry for Boris (although he is so lucky to have a daughter who reflects his passion for tennis). Anna is so young and seeing her play with her friend (my grandaughter) this evening on the floor with a dolls house seemed so incongruous. He will have so many major decisions to make in the coming months. Still he has a lovely wife and he is a huge tennis enthusiast but I fear that the way forward could be rocky for the family.

She is still so young but that is the age that the nation discovers the talent. We must all rally around.

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