Sunday, 27 September 2009

Baroness Scotland

Back to the Baroness who frankly is bang to rights! Her housekeeper, sorry cleaner has really put the boot in thanks to Max Clifford. Guido Fawkes has followed up and I cannot see a hole that the Baroness can escape into. She is the typical champagne socialist who exploits her position to enslave the poor.

How could she pay this person just £6 per hour when the going rate is £10 per hour. This is at the heart of the problem. It would appear that she saw an opportunity to employ someone desperate for a job and she used it. The interview apparently was cursory and jovial because when you only need to pay £6 an hour what does it matter?

This is always the folly of the greedy. They will cut corners to save a buck and it really doesn't pay. These politicians make the rules and then ignore them. If this Attorney General cannot abide by her own rules then she should be toast. The problem is that the Political Class now believe that they are above the law.

Gordon Brown (did you see him on the Andrew Marr show this morning, belligerent and sweating) has to remove her but he won't because he is the head of the, if you love me then I love you club. He is a real bad 'un but then we already knew that. This morning he ran rings around the hapless Marr who endlessly allowed him to talk frankly bollocks!

Baroness Scotland has single-handedly exposed the NoLab/EU/politically correct culture that we should promote people above their level of competence purely on the grounds of gender or ethnicity. She appears to be way out of her depth! But then is that really not a surprise?

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