Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Leicestershire County Council

This evening the Chairman of Leicestershire County Council was bleating about how much money the Council was going to have to save in order for Council Tax not to rise. He was asking the electorate for ideas of where the cuts should come.

Some time ago I read that nine chief officers from LCC were earning more than £100,000 per annum. That means that we spend a million pounds on nine individuals before we look at anything else. Personally I do not believe that any local government officer should earn more than an MP. They are just not under the same pressure.

If this authority is under such pressure then they should immediately only pay salaries that we can afford. I also believe the councillors should look at their own expenses. This is why I so admired the stance of the Mayor of Doncaster from the Emglish Democrats who when pruning expenditure for the benefit of the tax payer, he began with himself!

In Loughborough alone the Highways department has squandered so much money on grinding the town almost to a standstill that it is a scandal. For years now they have created one problem after another so that when the university returns it is better to walk!

So when the councillors meet and I bet there are far more councillors than what we actually need, they should cut their own expenses, reduce salaries and chop the Highways department!

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